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Professional Procrastinator
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Jexima / Blasian / Alaska
Wacom CIntiq Companion Hybrid/ Manga Studio 5
Pre-Nursing Major/ Music Minor

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Miss Fortune [Commission] by Jexima
Miss Fortune [Commission]
Normal Flats Bust
This is a commission of Miss Fortune from League of Legends in her arcade skin.
Sorry! Commissions are still closed! Now that school is over for me, I have to catch up on all my Senshi Con stuff!
Jexima's Summary of Art (2014 update) by Jexima
Jexima's Summary of Art (2014 update)

I always hate looking back for some reason, but this actually felt really good to do!

January: The start of Clare! I never expected her to get very far, but here I am!
February: Not much activity on my Deviantart page. I was really proud of myself for learning how to draw lightening bolts though. >.>
March: I kind of stopped Jexima's Sapphire nuzlocke at this point, and shifted my efforts onto Clare's Story. I wonder where I'd be now if I had just stuck with it?
May: So my Orchestra teacher asked me to design a program cover for our senior concert (cello ftw) It was really fun, and I got a lot of compliments on it. uwu
June: I probably just spent the whole month drawing this panel.
July: I was busy with an internship thingy so I barely drew this month.
August: I tried drawing myself multiple times, and it always ended up looking weird. I also did a super fun colab with :iconnyapapa: and :iconmaxvesta: ! That was super fun.
 September: More inactivity. College kicking my but. Getting excited for X and Y and shit.
October: The birth of my fursona. It's a pekingese arcanine? I don't even know....
November: Eh, lots of stuff happening here. I liked the way my sketches turned out better than the final 
projects, usually.
December: Coffer.
January:It was the start of a year full of procrastination, Clare, and crying.
February: Year of the Kamui
April: It was Fey's birthday, and I actually did a thing for him. You should read Children of the Sky here!…
May: I tried super hard to make something of a caliber in which I could potentially sell it for the first time. This was the largest piece of art I had ever done up until that point, and it was a good learning experience.
June: Summer school crying while procrastinating with art shenanigans.
July: I guess... I just drew eyes?
August: This was the time I really started focusing on Natalie as a character. She's one of my favorites, and I wanted to match her exterior to her incredible interior as well.
September: Senshi con nervousness. I had no idea what busy meant until Senshi Con happened.
October: Worked like crazy on commissions while trying to balance school. 
November: Reached a breaking point where I kind of had to put my art on hiatus for a bit. But I did manage to upload an update of Clare's Story, so that's good, right?
December: Once these finals are over, I'll be back in action!
End of the story? I draw a lot of Clare's story. Comparing these past two years together, I can definitely see improvement. Regardless how fast that improvement may be is irrelevant. 

I used :icondustbunnythumper:'s base template
as a reference.

So as you may know, I recently bought a Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid . I had some issues with the customer service at Wacom, but in the end, I ended up getting refunded $200. 
Speaking of money, if you are planning on getting a Cintiq anytime soon, I suggest the companion hybrid. It is on sale for $1,099 in the US, and as you may know, that is only $100 more than the regular Cintiq!
It's a really nice investment, in my opinion, even though I've only had it for about two weeks. You'll hear more about it this Saturday if you stop by my stream!

I will be streaming this Saturday at 8:15PM EST (4:15PM my time).

I'll be working on:
  • Commissions(I've got quite a few left to do from Senshi Con)
  • Clare's Story
  • Possible requests.

Skype peeps on call (if Skype doesn't lag the stream)

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