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A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. ~Leopold Stokowski

(1st movement)

I'm just a music minor, but music is such a big part of my life, that I feel obligated to share what I'm currently working on with you. It is art, after all.

Where you from?

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Woah, the swedes really like your stuff :U
Wed Jun 4, 2014, 8:21 AM
*deoxyribonuclEic acid
Mon Apr 28, 2014, 11:59 PM
Mon Apr 28, 2014, 11:10 AM
A shout box!
Tue Apr 22, 2014, 3:50 PM
holy cow it's a shoutout box
Fri Apr 18, 2014, 8:49 PM




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Favorite Art Style? 

50 deviants said Colored: Line art, Flats, and shading
18 deviants said Black and White: Line art and shading
16 deviants said Colored: Line art and Flats
12 deviants said Colored: Colored Line art, Flats, and Shading
1 deviant said Black and White: Line art only
1 deviant said other: comment!


Poll Thing by Jexima
Poll Thing
In relation to this poll:…

I know I've been releasing a lot of poll related art things lately, but I'm stuck in a rut with other responsibilities. So while I fantasize about drawing Clare's Story, I figured I could at least get an input from you guys about what you like best?

Going from top to bottom obviously shows an increasing amount of time spent on each thing. Also,t he colored line art looks a little strange, because I took out the overlay and multiply layers that gave the entire image a blue hue in the previous update: Clare's Story 17: Unsustainable part 1 by Jexima 
Favorite Art Style?
50 deviants said Colored: Line art, Flats, and shading
18 deviants said Black and White: Line art and shading
16 deviants said Colored: Line art and Flats
12 deviants said Colored: Colored Line art, Flats, and Shading
1 deviant said Black and White: Line art only
1 deviant said other: comment!
contests and stuff
7 deviations
Nuzlocke RWBY Collab: Clare Rodriguez by Jexima
Nuzlocke RWBY Collab: Clare Rodriguez
I'm so sorry this is soooo late T_T
This is for :iconumbreongal:'s collab:  Nuzlocke/RWBY collab *STILL OPEN*We still need 2 more entries so I'll leave this up until those slots are filled. I want everybody to get on a team, it's only fair.
After participating in :iconDSWalton:'s and :iconRTJGSketch:'s community collabs I thought it would be fun to host one myself. And since I want to give people tons of time to work on it (because life can be a pain like that), I figured to get the ball rolling now.
This is a fairly simple collab, all you have to do is draw.
So here's what you're all going to have to do.
Draw your nuzlocke protag as if they were a person within the RWBY universe. They can be human or a faunus, just have fun.Draw them with their weapon, preferably in their hand.No colored backgrounds since I want to put all of this onto one document once it's all said and done.When you're done submit it to dA and mention me in the description or send it to me in a note.Also be sure that the background is transparent if you're doing it digitally.

I decided to make Clare a rabbit faunus because.. well, she's a gijinka, and uh, yeah.
I gave her a bit of a makeover as well: longer hair, more... girly features, and some floppy bunny ears. As far as her outfit goes, it's pretty plain, but it looks pretty cute to me. I mean, for a whip-wielder.
Please ignore the Sailor-Moon-Crystal-level anatomy that happened to her legs. 
Her weapon's name is Xolotl and functions as both a melee and ranged weapon.

Melee form: Xolotl functions as a hard hitting bat. It can be powered up to hit harder by using yellow dust. When it isn't being powered by dust, it is a deep obsidian black color, and rests comfortably in a brown hilt at Clare's waist.

Ranged(ish) form: Dust can be channeled from the top of the bat to resemble a high energy whip. Waves of energy can be dispelled from the whip in a concentrated blast. Usually, the bat shrinks to a handle to allow the best motility of use for the whip portion.

Birthday thank yous, general update

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 11, 2015, 6:43 PM


I also received some pretty unexpected gifts for my birthday from some awesome people, and I'm still reveling in the awesomeness of their art.
The Legend of Clare - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEX by Feymark
Feymark did a Korra/Clare crossover picture ant it's absolutely gorgeous!

Jexima B-Day 2014 by UmbreonGal
UmbreonGal drew this adorable chibi of CLare. T_T It's so cuteee

Happy Birthday Jexima! by BeatrixTheFinal
BeatrixTheFinal did this pic of Natalie and made her look even more badass than I could ever hope to draw her. (the coloring looks greaaaat too)

Happy Birthday Jexima - 2014 by Velink
Velink went above and beyond with this adorable little gif. Like, this is just ADORABLE!!!

Annabelle by Krisantyne
The wonderful Krisantyne drew a headshot of Annabelle and I am so grateful! She is a great person and I don't feel worthyyyyy

Happy (late) New Birthmas, Jexima! by nuvemallama
drew all three of the girls together! I can't handle the cute!!!

So yeah, I am really in love with all the art and birthday/new years wishes, and I hope the best for you all as well!
In terms of life itself, I still have a really bad time management problem when it comes to art. I've been getting more consistent with Clare's Story updates, but as far as keeping myself to a schedule, I've got a lot to work on this year. So until then, I'm leaving my commissions closed.
So where is Clare's Story headed, you might ask? We're on update 17, when I had hoped to be at update 24 by the end of December. What I can do is chug out line-art updates until I get to where I need to be, and then work on increasing the pace of my coloring. I take a lot of pride in Clare's Story, and aim for improvement in my art and storytelling abilities, but my notes have this nuzlocke panned out for over 70 updates, and I really don't want to become discouraged and end up canceling Clare's story, because I'm not going at the pace I want. I also don't want to wimp out on characterization opportunities either, but drawing the same people's heads for half an update having a conversation or bonding moment is realllly tedious to color, and like I said, I need to improve on it, but pacing is also an issue.

TL;DR: I will be working on increasing the speed of my updates, and cutting back on the coloring of my nuzlocke for the sake of update speed. If I am to be ambitious, I want to get to the 5th gym some time this year.

Original Comic: Draconis
I've had this idea in my head for about 8 years now. I also plan on selling copies of it at Senshi-Con this year, and sticking to a weekly update schedule for it, but I've finally got a good idea of what is going to occur within this comic. It's a little wimpy, since I took a long hiatus from it to do commissions and school, but here's a link to the comic on Smackjeeves:

I survived last semester somehow without getting any poopy grades. My art did suffer for it, but SCHOOL SHOULD BE THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY ON YOUR LIST IF YOU HAVE A GOAL THAT REQUIRES YOU TO OBTAIN A CERTIFICATE OR DEGREE OF ANY KIND BEFORE YOU CAN DO SO. Art is a great passion, but I realize that there needs to be a balance. So maybe this semester I can learn how to balance things better and gradually increase my production of art as a result.
(Don't kill me, I'm taking 7 classes instead of 8 this time)
Once(if) I get into the nursing program, I will potentially have a gap year while I wait to start my classes, during which time, I intend on finding an internship or medically related job to actually feel like I'm doing something instead of nothing. If I get the job, great! If I don't, I don't even want to think negatively because that isn't a part of my vocabulary right now.



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